Photo: Raquel Aviani / Secom UnB


The certificate has been available to graduates and postgraduates online since 2018. The initiative is a novelty among Brazilian federal universities. All diplomas are signed with digital certification. The dean of Undergraduate Education (DEG), Sérgio Freitas, considers this an important step for placing the institution in the 21st century. "The student graduated today can take on work positions or take a graduate degree presenting this authentic diploma anywhere. This is the standard of universities abroad", he says.

18 de Março de 2019

Photo: Isa Lima / Secom UnB


UnB starts its classes on March 13th. In the first semester, there are more than 4200 new students in 110 undergraduate courses in the four campuses (Darcy Ribeiro, Gama, Ceilândia and Planaltina), in the day and night shifts. To celebrate the date, two welcoming events will be held:

  1. On the 13th at 10am at the Athos Bulcão Community Center, the speaker is biologist Natalia Pasternak, coordinator of scientific promotion and anti-pseudoscience initiatives.
  2. On the 14th at 7:30 p.m., at the Darcy Ribeiro Memorial, the Beijódromo, the guest is the writer Milton Hatoum.

National secretary was at UnB to learn about extension project aimed at the population over 40 years


Rogério Ulson and Margô Karnikowski (center in the foreground) and dozens of UniSer students were in the Rectory Auditorium. Meeting can make feasible government initiative. Photo: Amália Gonçalves / Secom UnB


The Universidade do Envelhecer (UniSer) – an extension program created four years ago at the University of Brasília – can inspire the implementation of a federal government initiative to improve the quality of life of the elderly. Last week, Rogério Ulson, the national secretary for the Promotion and Defense of the Rights of the Elderly, visited UnB to learn about the project.


"We are checking the possibility of making agreements with municipalities, so that provide rooms for classes for the elderly," Ulson said. "I came to UnB to learn about the methodology and see if we can do something similar, although less ambitious," said the secretary, who attended the presentation of UniSer students in the Rectory Auditorium.


The main aspect of the UniSer program is the Social Political Educator course in Gerontology, which enables adults and the elderly to become active subjects in the construction of policies for aging. Over the course of a year and a half, students take classes on subjects such as Self Care, Quality of Life, Law and Citizenship, and Politics and Education. Currently, there are eight classes of the course in progress.


"We are pioneers in promoting education programs in the area of aging, mainly due to the way we carry out the activities, with a structured pedagogical project executed by professionals with training in several areas," said UnB Ceilândia Faculty Professor Margô Karnikowski, UniSer’s Coordinator.


She and the secretary should reconvene to discuss possible partnerships. According to Ulson, the secretariat, linked to the Ministry of Human Rights, is expected to launch a pilot project, initially covering about 30 municipalities. "We need to act urgently to improve the quality of life of the elderly," he said.


ATTENTION – The information, photos and texts may be used and reproduced, in whole or in part, provided the source is duly cited and there is no change of meaning in its contents. Credit for texts: name of reporter / Secom UnB or Secom UnB. Credit for photos: photographer's name / Secom UnB.

Lecture this Friday (28) brings to the community information on academic cooperation from UnB and Latin American universities


The closing program of the Semana Universitária [a whole week of interdisciplinary activities throughout UnB many campuses] brings the theme of internationalization in an unprecedented way and presents UnB’s approximation to neighboring countries. Art: DEX / UnB


After a week of intense programming, the Semana Universitária 2018 is coming to an end. To crown the period entirely devoted to university extension, UnB chose as its theme the internationalization, which is the focus of the institution in 2018 and aims to take the University to higher levels.


The main closing activity is scheduled to take place at 10:30 am this Friday (28), at the Darcy Ribeiro Memorial, the Beijódromo. The meeting focuses on publicizing the presence of UnB in Latin American countries. Under the title Integrating Universities in Latin America: Challenges of Southern Internationalization, the event aims to present international academic cooperation programs and actions with the involvement of the University and to promote debates. The representative of the Association of Universities Group Montevideo (AUGM), Alvaro Máglia has confirmed his presence.


"It is essential to show how a partnership of solidarity will position our universities with a sense of belonging and how it is necessary to build educational institutions of relevance and excellence, ready to face the challenges of academic colonialism, inclusion, development, and the well-being of our populations," states Alvaro Máglia referring to the content of the discussion.


UnB has sought to expand its influence in Latin American countries, especially from the Southern Cone. Recently it has joined the list of AUGM member institutions. Created in 1991, the association brings together autonomous universities from six countries to promote the strengthening of public higher education, with the mutual development and diffusion of scientific and technological research, teaching and extension activities, and the consolidation of high-level human resources.


Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay are member countries of the group, currently with 35 universities. The membership takes place by means of indication and approval of the other participants. Orchestrating the Semana Universitária, the dean of UnB Extension (DEX), Olgamir Amancia, sees the entrance of the University in the group as a paramount movement.


"By strengthening this articulation, we are fostering exchange and partnership with peoples of similar identity to ours, as well as reversing a historical logic of dialogue stronger only with Europe and the United States. Undoubtedly, this puts us in another level of interlocution with the great universities ", she believes.


Such approaching directly benefits the academic community, which can strengthen relations with institutions in neighboring countries to produce knowledge, as well as to know different cultures. These are perspectives that meet the objectives of the Internationalization Plan, guiding the actions of UnB in the area.


Recent academic cooperation initiatives have shown how internationalization and university extension may share related interests. In this sense, DEX has implemented the South-South Network Special Intercultural Training Program. Implemented in partnership with the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (Flacso) - an international body operating in Latin American and Caribbean countries, as well as Spain - the strategy involves the interdisciplinary training in the extension modalities for undergraduation and specialization, based on the exchange of experiences and knowledge produced by South American institutions.


INTERNATIONAL CULTURE – Before the official closing, at 9am, also at the Darcy Ribeiro Memorial, the community will be presented to the catalog of the first edition of the OCA Program of International Artistic Residency. The Program is the result of performance and educational activities carried out by selected members from the first call of the program, offered by the Latin-America Cultural House (CAL / DEX), together with of the Organization of Iberic-American States (OEI).


With the proposal of promoting cultural internationalization, the initiative brings together artists from Latin American and Caribbean countries for an immersion in Brasília, from where they can deliberate upon interventions that reformulate the urban dynamics. Throughout the experience, those selected had the opportunity to exchange cultural, artistic and intellectual experiences in interaction with UnB students, public schools and the community in general.


"This residence is important in that it puts us in the position of identifying and thinking the issues common to Latin American peoples, such as our affinities and differences," explains CAL director, Alex Calheiros. The six artists convened in the second edition of the residence will also be presented.

12 de Fevereiro de 2019


Degree Type





Agricultural Sciences

Program Degree Campus
Agribusiness Management (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Agribusiness ManagementBachelorPlanaltina
AgronomyBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
AgronomyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
AgronomyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Animal HealthDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Animal HealthMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Animal SciencesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Animal SciencesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Environmental Management (Nighttime) BachelorPlanaltina
Forest SciencesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Forest SciencesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Natural SciencesTeacher FormationPlanaltina
Natural Sciences (Nighttime) Teacher FormationPlanaltina
PhytopathologyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
PhytopathologyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Veterinary MedicineBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Veterinary Medicine ResidencyResidencyDarcy Ribeiro

Applied Social Sciences

Program Degree Campus
AccountingBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Accounting (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
AccountingMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
AccountingDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
AdministrationBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Architecture and Urban PlanningDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Architecture and Urban PlanningMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Archival Science (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Business Regulation and ManagementProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
CommunicationDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
CommunicationMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
DesignBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
DesignMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Economic SciencesBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
EconomicsDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
EconomicsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
EconomicsProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Information ScienceDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Information ScienceMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
International RelationsBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
JournalismBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
LawMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
LawBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Law (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
LawDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Library ScienceBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
ManagementMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
ManagementBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Management (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
ManagementDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
MuseologyBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Pedagogy (Nighttime) Teacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
PedagogyBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
PedagogyTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Pedagogy - First Teacher Formation DegreeTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Political ScienceBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Professional ManagementProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Public AdministrationProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Public ManagementProfessional Master'sPlanaltina
Public Policy Management (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Social CommunicationBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Social Communication (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Social Management and Work (Professional)Professional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Social PolicyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Social PolicyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Social Work (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Social WorkBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
TourismBachelorDarcy Ribeiro

Biological Sciences

Program Degree Campus
Animal BiologyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Animal BiologyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Applied Immunology and GeneticsDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Applied Immunology and GeneticsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Biological SciencesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Biological SciencesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
BotanyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
BotanyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
EcologyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
EcologyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Microbial BiologyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Microbial BiologyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Nanoscience and NanobiotechnologyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Nanoscience and NanobiotechnologyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Teaching of Biology in National NetworkProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
ZoologyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
ZoologyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro

Earth and Exact Sciences

Program Degree Campus
Applied Computer ScienceProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Applied GeosciencesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Applied GeosciencesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Biological SciencesBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Biological SciencesTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Biology (Nighttime) Teacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
BiologyTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
ChemistryMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
ChemistryDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
ChemistryBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Chemistry (Nighttime) Teacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
ChemistryTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Computer ScienceMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Computer ScienceBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Computer Science (Nighttime) Teacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
GeologyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
GeologyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
GeologyBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
GeophysicsBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Geotechnical EngineeringDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Geotechnical EngineeringMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
InformaticsDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
InformaticsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
MathematicsDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
MathematicsBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
MathematicsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
MathematicsTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Mathematics (Nighttime) Teacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
MathematicsProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Mathematics - Second Teacher Formation Degree (Nighttime) Teacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
PhysicsBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
PhysicsDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
PhysicsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
PhysicsTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Physics (Nighttime) Teacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Science TeachingProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
StatisticsBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
StatisticsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Statistics and Quantitative MethodsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Teaching of PhysicsProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Technological ChemistryBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Water Resources Planning and ManagementProfessional Master'sPlanaltina

Engineering and Technology

Program Degree Campus
Aerospace EngineeringBachelorGama
Architecture and Urban PlanningBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Architecture and Urban Planning (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Automotive EngineeringBachelorGama
Biomedical EngineeringMaster'sGama
Chemical EngineeringBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Chemical and Biological TechnologiesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Chemical and Biological TechnologiesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Civil EngineeringBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Civil and Structural EngineeringDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Communication Network EngineeringBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Computer EngineeringBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Electrical EngineeringDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Electrical EngineeringMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Electrical EngineeringBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Electrical Engineering (Professional)Professional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Electronic EngineeringBachelorGama
Electronic Systems and AutomationDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Electronic Systems and AutomationMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Energy EngineeringBachelorGama
Environmental EngineeringBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Environmental Technology and Water ResourcesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Environmental Technology and Water ResourcesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Forest EngineeringBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Integrity of Engineering MaterialsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Mechanical EngineeringBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Mechanical EngineeringMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Mechanical SciencesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Mechanical SciencesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Mechatronic SystemsDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Mechatronic SystemsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Mechatronics EngineeringBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Production Engineering (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Software EngineeringBachelorGama
StructuresMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Transport StudiesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Transport StudiesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro

Health Sciences

Program Degree Campus
Collective HealthBachelorCeilândia
Collective Health (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
DentistryDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
DentistryMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Developmental and School PsychologyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Health SciencesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Health SciencesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Health Sciences (Multi-Institutional)Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Human Development and HealthMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Human NutritionMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Human NutritionDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Internal MedicineMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Medical SciencesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Medical SciencesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
MedicineBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Medicine ResidencyResidencyDarcy Ribeiro
Multi-professional Residency in HealthResidencyDarcy Ribeiro
NursingBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
NursingTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
NursingDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
NursingMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
NutritionBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Occupational TherapyBachelorCeilândia
OdontologyBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Pharmaceutical SciencesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Pharmaceutical SciencesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
PharmacyBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Pharmacy (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Physical EducationTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Physical EducationDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Physical EducationMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Physical EducationBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Physical EducationProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Public HealthDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Public HealthMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Public HealthProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Rehabilitation SciencesMaster'sCeilândia
Speech TherapyBachelorCeilândia
Teaching in HealthDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Teaching in HealthMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Tropical MedicineDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Tropical MedicineMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro


Program Degree Campus
AnthropologyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
AnthropologyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Behavioral SciencesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Behavioral SciencesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Clinical and Cultural PsychologyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Clinical and Cultural PsychologyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
EducationMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
EducationDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
EducationProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Education (Inter-Institutional)Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Education in SciencesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
GeographyBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
GeographyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
GeographyTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
GeographyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
HistoryDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
HistoryMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
HistoryBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
HistoryTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
History (Nighttime) Teacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
International RelationsDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
International RelationsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
International Relations (Multi-Institutional)DoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
International Relations and Regional DevelopmentDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
MetaphysicsDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
MetaphysicsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
PhilosophyBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
PhilosophyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
PhilosophyTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Philosophy (Nighttime) Teacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
PhilosophyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Political ScienceMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Political ScienceDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
PsychologyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
PsychologyBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
PsychologyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
PsychologyTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Social SciencesBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Social SciencesTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Social SciencesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Social SciencesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Social, Work and Organizational PsychologyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Social, Work and Organizational PsychologyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
SociologyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
SociologyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
TourismProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro

Linguistics, Language and Arts

Program Degree Campus
Applied Foreign Languages: Multilingualism and the Information SocietyBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Applied LinguisticsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Art EducationBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Art EducationTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
ArtsDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
ArtsProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Brazilian Sign Language/Brazilian Portuguese as a Second LanguageTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
History of Art (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
LinguisticsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
LinguisticsDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
LiteratureDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
LiteratureMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Literature and Linguistics (Nighttime) Teacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Literature and LinguisticsTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Literature and LinguisticsBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
MusicBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
MusicTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Music (Nighttime) Teacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
MusicMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Performing ArtsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
TheaterBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
TheaterTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Theater (Nighttime) Teacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
TranslationBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Translation (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Translation StudiesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Visual ArtsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Visual ArtsBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Visual Arts (Nighttime) Teacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro
Visual ArtsTeacher FormationDarcy Ribeiro


Program Degree Campus
Agribusiness (Multi-Institutional)Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
AgribusinessesDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
AgribusinessesMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
BioethicsDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
BioethicsMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
BiotechnologyBachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Biotechnology and BiodiversityDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Development, Society and International CooperationDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Development, Society and International CooperationMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Environment and Rural DevelopmentMaster'sPlanaltina
Environmental Sciences (Nighttime) BachelorDarcy Ribeiro
Environmental SciencesDoctoralPlanaltina
Environmental SciencesMaster'sPlanaltina
Gender, Feminism and SocietyDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Gender, Feminism and SocietyMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Health Science and TechnologyDoctoralCeilândia
Health Science and TechnologyMaster'sCeilândia
Human Rights and CitizenshipMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Intellectual Property and Technology Transference for InnovationProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro
Materials ScienceMaster'sPlanaltina
Rural EducationTeacher FormationPlanaltina
Rural EducationBachelorPlanaltina
Sustainable DevelopmentDoctoralDarcy Ribeiro
Sustainable DevelopmentMaster'sDarcy Ribeiro
Sustainable DevelopmentProfessional Master'sDarcy Ribeiro