The University of Brasilia (UnB) is a young institution, with less than 60 years of existence. It is the first Brazilian institution of higher education created as a university from the start, and it was born from an innovative and revolutionary educational project, which distinguishes it from many others in the world. UnB is public, and students study for free: no tuition or other fees are charged. From the beginning it was conceived as a place where knowledge across disciplines would be integrated with the implementation of majors in the areas of Letters, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Exact Sciences.


Located near the center of Brazil’s modernist capital Brasilia, which is strategically situated in the country’s Central Plateau, UnB is dedicated to the highest quality teaching and research in all fields. It offers undergraduate, master’s and doctorate courses on four different campuses, each one with specialized vocations: the Darcy Ribeiro Campus brings together all sectors of knowledge; the Ceilândia Campus is aimed at Health Sciences; the Gama Campus is focused on Engineering; and the Planaltina Campus is destined for environmental studies and rural development.


At UnB, undergraduate courses are strongly based on a humanistic, critical, reflexive and flexible syllabus. The use of modern technologies, highly trained teachers and research groups together with the interaction with society, all in line with the most modern methodologies of education in the world, provide students with an environment of constant stimulation and opportunities to experience different ways of thinking, producing and socializing knowledge.

About 4 thousand students are admitted at UnB each semester. Since 1962, UnB has awarded more than 70 thousand bachelor’s degrees, 21 thousand master’s degrees and 6 thousand doctor’s degrees. The faculty totals 3,000 professors. Currently, 47 thousand students attend the University of Brasilia, enrolled in 136 day and night bachelor degree programs, 86 master’s degrees and 68 doctoral degrees. UnB also connects the campus and the local community, through 360 extension projects. Students and professors assist society through support services, an opportunity to humanize education and apply their knowledge and skills with those in need.

UnB and the world

UnB also hosts international students and researchers. There are more than 800 foreign students contributing to knowledge building, research and science on the four campuses during the second semester of 2018. Through the UnB Idiomas project, they have access to 12 language courses. The International Affairs Office (INT) is responsible for hosting international students. INT offers visa assistance, issues official letters to Brazilian consular representations abroad, provides information about the requirements for entry into the country, designates volunteer students to assist foreign students, and provides housing to those who need it. Professors of other nationalities who teach at UnB are also supported by INT.

Join us at UnB

The main ways through which international students can become part of this environment of academic excellence are:

- Undergraduate Students Program by Agreement (PEC-G)
- Diplomatic Courtesy Enrollment
- Special Entrance for Refugees
- Exchange Program with Partner Institutions
- International Visiting Student