The University of Brasilia offers free public education of excellence for Brazilian and foreign students, with a humanistic, embracive and plural perspective of citizens' rights. Our goals and our mission are to be a reference in teaching, research and community projects, contributing to global knowledge in an interconnected world.


- The University of Brasilia was created in 1962 following the joint vision of the anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro and the educator Anísio Teixeira.

- Its conception came from the same revolutionary spirit that gave rise to the federal capital, Brasília: to renew the methods of learning and to teach towards the future.

- Dedicated to the promotion of free, inclusive and high-quality education, UnB is among the best universities in Brazil.

- Its institutional mission is to produce, integrate and disseminate knowledge, and to educate citizens to be committed to ethics, social responsibility and sustainable development.

- In 1995, the university was the first in the country to offer a three-stage entrance exam (Serial Evaluation Program – PAS), with tests for candidates at the end of each year of high school.

- In 2003, UnB was the first Brazilian federal university to approve affirmative action for black and indigenous applicants.


- The University of Brasilia has the highest rating in the Brazilian Ministry of Education's General Course Index.

- It is among the 11 best higher education institutions in Brazil.

- It has the largest conglomerate of academic facilities in the Center-West, with four campuses in the Federal District.

- It has 26 institutes and colleges, with 53 departments.

- It offers 136 face-to-face undergraduate course, 86 master's degree courses and 68 doctoral degree courses.

- It also offers distance learning degrees and specializations for more than 20 municipalities, in the five regions of Brazil, through the Open University of Brazil.

Undergraduate Studies
Graduate Studies


- Campus Darcy Ribeiro

3,950,579 m2
Asa Norte, Brasília (DF)
Zip code: 70.910-900
Phone: +55 61 3107-3300

- Campus Planaltina

302,200 m2
Área Universitária no1, Vila Nossa Senhora de Fátima – Planaltina (DF)
Zip code: 73.345-010
Phone: +55 61 3107-8005

- Campus Gama

335,500 m2
Área Especial, Projeção A, Setor Leste – Gama (DF)
Zip code: 72.444-240
Phone: +55 61 3107-8901

- Campus Ceilândia
199,500 m2
Centro Metropolitano, conjunto A, lote 01 – Ceilândia Sul (DF)
Zip code: 72.220-275
Phone: +55 61 3107-8428

- Água Limpa Farm
43,400,000 m2
Núcleo Rural Vargem Bonita, Quadra 17, Setor de Mansões Park Way – Brasília (DF)
Zip code: 71.750-000