The sky in Brasilia, forever blue and with a 360-degree horizon, summons big dreams. The city itself was born from a dream – the idea of a capital in central Brazil, which could expand development into the interior – and materialized in the Central Plateau. With three million inhabitants, the city has a modern design and sits at 1,200 meters of altitude. The average temperature is 19 degrees Celsius, which provides a mild climate all year round.


Familiar with great dreams, Brasilia is also a place of great passions: the passion for organization, for teaching, for the great ideas that gave rise to the open-air spaces of the Ministries Esplanade, the Monumental Axis, Three Powers Square, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the University of Brasilia. The city has a high Human Development Index (0,824) and, like its large green areas, opens its arms to welcome visitors and new inhabitants, who come here to realize their dreams. The size of the dream determines the grandeur of a future in the Brazilian capital.


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